Ajooni (TV broadcast) | 02 Sep 2022

Let’s enjoy the written update for the modern episode of the stimulating TV broadcast Ajooni propagated on Friday, 02 September 2022 on Star Bharat. Harman’s Vindictive Motives is the tag of the revolutionary episode number S1 E34.


Harman gives instructions to the housekeeper to hide broken glass in the laundry so that Ajooni may cut herself when she is doing the housework. After some time has passed, the Baggas encourage Ajooni to begin her family.


Harman reprimands Chamku at the start of the episode for not performing any tasks well. She instructs her to clean the drapes. Chamku claims to have already completed a lot of work. For chatting too much, Harman twists her hand.

She is urged to release Chamku’s hand by Ajooni. Chamku solicits Ajooni’s assistance. Ajooni promises to wash the curtains. Harman informs her that she shouldn’t allowRavinder to Ravinder to do this task since she is already angry with her.

Chamku screams in pain because of her hand. Ajooni assures Harman that she will carry out her promise before leaving. And it turns out to be the drama between Harman and Chamku. Beeji, on the other hand, tells Dolly not to stress about anything.

Keep your bags in Meher’s room, “room, “she instructs the woman. Dolly claims she is unable to share a bedroom with anyone. If she can’t share a room, Mami asks her to sleep on the balcony or in the hallway. Dolly purposefully smashes the glass.

The fact that she claims it occurred accidentally surprises everyone. She requests that Meher show her room. While cleaning the curtains, Ajooni’s hand begins to bleed. Harman attends to Ajooni’s wounds.

She chastises Chamku for She chastises Chamku for leaving bulb fragments in the bucket. The light cracked at an unknown time, says Chamku. She claims that she is just the housemaid and not the daughter-in-law. She is urged by Harman to talk less.

She instructs her to place the peppers on the patio. Chamku has continuing hand discomfort. Aman promises to carry it through. When Harvinder arrives, he requests tea.

Aman walks to the kitchen to prepare tea for Harvinderkitchen to prepare tea for Harvinder. Ajooni brings peppers to the patio. Rajveer is standing by her side with an umbrella. His buddy brings a table fan.

Ajooni was told by Rajveer that he would do everything for her. They have their eyes locked. Chamku and Harman are privy to everything. Guruji is Ravinder.

Guruji is Ravinder. He discusses puja. He asserts that Baggas must take part in the puja with the subsequent generation in order for their family to be respected at the temple. Hearing him shocks everyone.

Guruji is informed by Ravinder that Rajveer’s son would shortly start the puja. He is told by Guruji that what is important is what God is thinking. He is urged not to worry about anything by Bebe. She claims that Aman was unable to have a kid.

However, Rajveer and Ajooni won’t let them down. Rajveer will shortly give birth to twins, she continues. Ravinder affirms Bebe’s accuracy. He informs Rajveer that he now has the respect of their family in his hands.

He requests that Guruji intercede for them. Later, Ajooni treats Rajveer’s wounds with medicine. He casts a quick glance at her. Dolly, in the Dolly, in the meantime, was unable to sleep.

She keeps telling herself she can’t remain there. She arouses Meher. She requests a change of bed linens. There, Beeji shows up.

Dolly explains the issue to her. Because Dolly is their visitor, Beeji instructs Meher to exchange bedside positions. Rajveer is invited to sleep in the space by Ajooni. He mocks her.

She explains that since he is hurt, she is letting him sleep there. She claims that she is unable to grant herher family’s requests. He assures her that he is able to comprehend people’s’s emotions. He dozes off on the ground. She nods offoff on the bed.