Anupama (TV serial) | 01 Sep 2022

Check out the written update for the original webisode of the titillating TV serial Anupama reported on Thursday, 01 September 2022 on StarPlus. Anupama Questions Rakhi is the moniker of the latest episode number S1 E671.


Rakhi is overjoyed to finally see her grandson, but she is confused by the absence of Paritosh. After some time has passed, Anupama has the suspicion that she is concealing something and makes an effort to uncover the truth.


After meeting his granddaughter, Vanraj finds it difficult to contain his joy. Toshu contacts him and inquires as to Kinjal’s well-being after seeing Vanraj and Samar’s many missed calls. Vanraj informs him that he is now a parent. Toshu exults and signals to a passenger in his taxi that he has to go.

The baby is coddled by Leela and Anupama. Anupama queries the arrival time of Toshu. Rakhi walks in and asks if someone is absent who was supposed to be there first. Anupama begs her to hug her grandchild and informs her that he is on the way.

Rakhi breaks down while cuddling her grandson. She queries the matter of Toshu once again. Leela claims that Rakhi was also tardy. Rakhi claims she left for a crucial task.

Even Toshu, according to Leela, has left for a crucial job and is on route. Rakhi said that Toshu ought to have been with Kinjal. In order to avoid her grandchild making fun of her, Vanraj advises her to smile and brighten up. Rakhi’s countenance has altered, and Anupama consoles her by giving her a drink.

Rakhi embraces her. Samar is asked to take their photos by Leela. Rakhi is informed by Kinjal that Anupama was there in the delivery room and that she is unsure of how she would have survived without her. Thanks to Anupama and Rakhi.

According to Anupama, one mother filled in for another mother who wasn’t there. Rakhi inquires once again about Toshu’s disappearance. Toshu desired a daughter child, according to Kinjal. Rakhi is asked by Leela not to hiss like a snake or nagin.

Rakhi claims that she never hisses without cause. Rakhi is questioned by Anupama about why she keeps bringing up Toshu, wondering if there is anything she is trying to hide. “Let him come anytime he likes,” says Rakhi. Vanraj inquires as to her ire towards Toshu.

Rakhi claims that Kinjal should be Toshu’s first focus, but it isn’t. Toshu had to go to Mumbai, according to Vanraj, for a job interview. Rakhi promises to bring Kinjal and the baby home from the hospital. They can talk about it later, Anupama says, so let’s not argue right now.

Rakhi declares that she doesn’t need anyone’s consent to bring her daughter and grandchild home before departing. Rakhi, according to Vanraj, cannot tolerate good deeds. Something is amiss, according to Anupama, otherwise Rakhi wouldn’t have been so upset with Toshu. Toshu responds to Samar’s call by assuring her that he has left for the hospital.

He praises God that Kinjal and the child are healthy. Anupama informs Vanraj that Toshu could be upset because she turned down Rakhi’s employment offer, or there might be another reason. Rakhi is hesitant right now, according to Vanraj, even though he feels that she expresses her opinion without any doubt. Little Anu demands that Anuj meet the infant.

Despite Anuj’s denial, Little Anu becomes agitated. Anuj becomes angry. GK sends Little Anu in under her supervision. Controlling his right hand is difficult for Anuj.

When he sees the temple light flickering, he struggles to drag his wheelchair towards it. He then attempts to get out of the wheelchair and trips and collapses. Adhik, Barkha, and Ankush hurried to help him get back into the wheelchair. If he’s okay, Ankush inquires.

Anuj claims that the lamp was flickering. Oil is added to the lamp by Barkha. Anuj asks where the nurse is. Ankush claims that Anuj gave her a festival leave of absence and promises to stay by his side until Anupama is discharged from the hospital.

Anuj requests that they not tell Anupama that he has fallen and then pushes his wheelchair away. Rakhi is seen nervously chewing on candy by Anupama, who inquires if she is worried about Toshu. Rakhi bursts into tears. Anupama consoles her and queries what really occurred.

Rakhi says tensely, “Toshu. Rakhi is then informed by Pakhi that Kinjal is calling. Rakhi adjourns. Anupama reflects on Rakhi’s resentment of Toshu and considers what Rakhi would have wished to say about him.