Anupama (TV show) | 02 Sep 2022

Enjoy the written update for the freshly released installment of the clever TV show Anupama brought on Friday, 02 September 2022 on StarPlus. Paritosh Meets His Baby is the moniker of the original episode number S1 E672.


When Paritosh finally gets to the hospital, he is overjoyed to finally be able to touch his newborn son or daughter. Anupama makes an effort to interrogate Rakhi when she is behaving in a chilly manner toward him.


Anupama gets a video call from Anuj in the current episode. She inquires about the situation with Anuj. Anuj assures that everything is OK. When would she be coming back?

“he asks Anupama. Anuj explained to Anupama that without her, the home seemed strange to him. He admits that he is losing patience without Anupama. Anuj confided in Anupama about berating Anu without cause.

Anupama comforts Anuj by explaining that because he has just become a parent, he is not aware of the benefits of reprimanding a kid. Anuj assured Anu that she was correct. Anuj is asked to go comfort Anu by Anupama. She promises Anuj that she will make an effort to return soon.

Anupama is annoyed with Anuj for phoning and bothering her. Anuj is urged to quit saying sorry by Anupama. Anupama gives Vanraj a call. Anuj becomes angry.

Anupama requests that Anuj see Anu. Anuj, who requests that he take Anu, leaves GK. In an effort to assist Anuj, Ankush He begs him to not consider aiding him as buttering him up. taken to Anu by Anukush.

Leela chastises the doctor for treating Kinjal carelessly. She displays her expertise and tells the doctor what would be best for Kinjal. Leela is urged to relax by Anupama. The doctor declares Shah to be hopeless.

Anuj and Anu come to terms. They each offer their apologies. When will they get to meet the baby? “Anu asks.

Anuj promises to take her to the hospital as soon as possible. Anupama sent a photo of the infant in a selfie. Anuj sent a photo of himself and Anu. They will both take care of their girls, Anupama writes.

Paritosh was brought by Hasmuk, Vanraj, Pakhi, and Samar. Upon witnessing Paritosh, Rakhi becomes agitated. Anupama and the others are thrilled to see Paritosh. Anupama gave Paritosh the baby.

The baby is taken by Paritosh. The infant in Paritosh’s arm screams. Anupama queries Paritosh about the infant’s excessive wailing. The baby wasn’t sobbing in Samar and Pakhi’s arms, they claim.

As newborns scream, Anupama begs Paritosh not to worry. Rakhi grabs the infant and claims that even newborns can discern others’ intentions. She looks across at Paritosh. The Shahs are in disbelief.

Rakhi explains the infant to Kinjal. Anupama requests that the Shahs allow Paritosh and Kinjal some room now that they are parents. Rakhi is hesitant to leave Paritosh with Kinjal and Baby by himself. Leela tells Rakhi to calm down since she and Kinjal won’t be left with a terrorist.

Shah departs the location. Rakhi challenges Paritosh to at least take on the role of a good father. Anupama seems perplexed. On Rakhi’s behalf, Kinjal apologises to Paritosh.

Paritosh begs Kinjal not to overexert himself Paritosh and Kinjal converse. Both of them discuss caring for the infant together. Rakhi is questioned by Anupama as to why she has a poor mood on such a nice day. She challenges her to be really honest.

Rakhi makes a statement about taking the baby and Kinjal with her. Rakhi requests Vanraj to defer to Kinjal’s judgement.