Banni Chow Home Delivery 02 Sep 2022

Get the written update for the freshly released chapter of the exhilarating TV broadcast Banni Chow Home Delivery telecasted on Friday, 02 September 2022 on StarPlus. Manini Tricks Yuvan is the headline of the most modern episode number S1 E83.


Yuvan is informed by Manini that the soul of his late mother resides in her body, and that they will be together for all of eternity. How exactly will Banni come to Yuvan’s rescue?


The episode begins with Manini telling Banni that in only 5 minutes, she managed to manipulate Yuvan and alter his heart, transforming herself from a new mom to a mother. Manini may be seen acting out Vandana. Yuvan queries why she resembles Manini. She claims that since she lacks a physical body, she will reside in Manini’s body. Yuvan concurs.

Manini tells Banni that she altered Yuvan in only five minutes such that he now loves and cares for her more than she does. You made a promise to Yuvan, and I made a promise to him, not to tell anyone that she is his Vandana mother. Banni is startled. Banni claims that you sank too low; how can you manipulate Yuvan’s emotions? Manini claims that she is showing him love and affection in the same way as she does for Yuvan’s mother.

To destroy Dahi handi, Yuvan climbs a human ladder. Banni claims that although you initiated this play to take Yuvan’s property, you were unaware that a player was already in front of you. She claims to be Yuvan’s wife and that she would tell Yuvan the truth about his stepmother’s affair. Manini adds, “If you bring me along, we may tell Yuvan the truth. Banni is visibly astonished.

Banni is invited by Manini, who will be holding her hand while they walk together. Devraj expresses concern upon seeing Yuvan and explains why he ascended the pyramid. Yuvan believes that Mom had stated that if I smashed the pot, Banni would cheer. Yuvan is putting his life in danger on his mother’s orders, Manini tells Banni, so how can you make him go against her? As soon as Banni sees Yuvan atop the Dahi handi human pyramid, she rushes to stop him.

Devraj notices Manini wearing a Vandana saree. Manini claims that Yuvan’s persistence is why she prepared like Vandana. If I climb up, Banni worries that Yuvan may become unsteady, so she considers her options. Seeing Manini makes her furious. She urges Yuvan not to look down and then smashes the coconut, telling him he can do it.

He inquires, “I’ll turn into Lord Krishna, right? ” Agreeing, Banni tells him to pay attention. Praise be to Lord Krishna. Manini observes. As he ascends the pyramid, Yuvan cracks the pot. Manini seems discouraged. Everyone applauds Yuvan. Yuvan stumbles and loses his equilibrium.