Banni Chow Home Delivery (TV) | 01 Sep 2022

Enjoy the written update for the brand-new section of the appealing TV broadcast Banni Chow Home Delivery delivered on Thursday, 01 September 2022 on StarPlus. Banni Interrogates Viraj, Charmi is the headline of the revolutionary episode number S1 E82.


Banni entices Viraj and Charmi into his snare by asking them questions regarding the events that took place at the planetarium. Manini is attempting, in the meanwhile, to manipulate Yuvan into engaging in some risky behavior.


The Jeweler informs Viraj and Charmi at the beginning of the episode that they must don traditional attire in order to get a promotion. Charmi concurs. The jeweler directs them to the dressing area. Banni is told by Vishnu that their strategy is successful.

Charmi and Viraj go to the tent. They see that they were not dressed appropriately. Changing their voices, Banni and Vishnu promise to bring the costumes and remove their clothing as well, announcing that there is nowhere inside for them to store them. When Manini is informed by Yuvan that he would applaud Banni when she breaks the Dahi handi, Manini requests that he get Banni to applaud for him.

How? asks Yuvan. He hears something from her. The jeweler is yelled at by Viraj and Charmi to provide the outfit.

If Viraj doesn’t tell what occurred in the planetarium, Banni threatens to expose him. She will not subject her to this, claims Charmi. In order to prevent you from assisting Viraj, Banni states, “I know how to respect a female,” and I did it to you. Devraj tells Palak not to worry and to stop crying since she can handle it.

If she finishes second, Palak claims he has no idea how she feels. When Vishnu arrives, he inquires as to Palak’s sobs. Myra informs him that she has received notification that the scientific project is due in three days, but she is unprepared. Palak queries why she is speaking to someone who is unfamiliar with cosmology.

By instructing her to utilize a clay pot, Vishnu provides the answer to her dilemma. Palak is told by Myra that he is smart. Banni says he’ll reveal Viraj. If he doesn’t tell the truth, she warns that Dahi Handi and everyone else will see him naked.

Viraj and Charmi quarrel. Banni begins the tally. Charmi claims she is unable to perceive her husband’s shame. She claims that Viraj’s phone has the truth.

Banni removes his underwear to reveal his phone. She requests the secret phrase. Charmi informs her. Banni is questioned by Manini on the opposite side about why she is bothering Charmi and Viraj.

She replies that she is going to find out what she did to Yuvan in the planetarium in the next five minutes when Banni urges her to face her straight. Viraj’s phone is stolen from Banni by Manini. She wears the saree that belonged to Yuvan’s mother, shocking Banni. Yuvan chooses to shatter Dahi handi after hearing Manini’s counsel.

Manini promises Banni that she will be completely honest with her. She claims that the promise Yuvan made to you was the catalyst for this game. Assuring her that she needs water, Manini offers her some. Glass is thrown by Banni, who then demands to know what was done to the victim.

She is urged to be patient by Manini. Banni queries what transpired after the fictitious manager exposed them. You’re clever, “Manini says. Using pictures, it demonstrates how Manini got Yuvan to believe that she was his mother.