Banni Learns the Truth — Banni Chow Home Delivery | 30 Aug

Let’s enjoy the written update for the newly released sequence of the captivating TV series Banni Chow Home Delivery delivered on Tuesday, 30 August 2022 on StarPlus. Banni Learns the Truth is the headline of the today’s episode number S1 E80.


Banni informs the Rathods of Palak’s truth after learning it. She discovers material that sheds light on the plot against Yuvan.


Banni begins the episode by looking into Palak’s chamber. When Yuvan embraced her, it was shown how she detected the scent of Palak’s perfume on his jacket. Banni receives some hints. There, Palak shows up.

Banni challenges Palak by displaying her artwork and the colour gold. Manini is informed by Yuvan that Banni will learn their secret. He is reminded by Manini that he must keep their secret. She tells him to focus on their performance today.

Banni claims that Yuvan gently murmured your name in her ear and informed her that the flute had been painted and was now new. Yuvan allegedly promised to help me, but he is unable to. She is urged to tell the whole truth by Banni. Palak observes.

In the pooja, Lord Krishna is praised. Banni tells Devraj something. He observes. In Krishna and Yasoda costumes, Manini and Yuvan get there.

Manini begs for everyone’s pardon for Yuvan. Seeing them makes Hemanth joyful. Yuvan observes Banni’s agitation. Once she understands why I’m doing this, he believes she will pardon him.

Banni muses on Yuvan’s mystery. Yashoda is played by Manini, who also plays alongside Yuvan. They get applause from everyone. Then Banni and Yuvan dance to a song by Radhe Shyam.

Everyone applauds Banni and Yuvan as they perform. Manini claims that I was accurate when I informed Yuvan that Banni had pardoned him. Apparently, Yuvan has both of them. According to Banni, a person with a pure spirit cannot feel furious.

She contacts Palak and begs her to embrace the fact that God will pardon anybody who confesses to making a mistake. She receives Devraj’s approval to carry out the task. Palak acknowledges that she, not Yuvan, was the one who took the flute. Everyone is startled.

According to Banni, Palak recognised her error. Yuvan considers how Banni discovers the truth. Why is she blaming his daughter, Hemanth queries? I didn’t accuse your daughter, and I gave her the courage to reveal the truth.

Banni claims that Yuvan is also your son and that everyone thought he committed the crime. Manini attempts to kidnap Palak. If she has done that, Hemanth stops Palak and inquires. I didn’t believe I was exposed, but Palak says she grabbed the flute and went to the room where Mom and Yuvan were already in order to leak the paper since she hadn’t prepared enough and couldn’t risk looking bad in front of her mother by placing second.

According to Banni, Manini instructed Yuvan to blame Palak. Veer is informed by Alapana that Banni fared well. Banni tells Manini that many students are passing away under the strain of trying to live up to expectations and that you handled your biological daughter improperly today by taking advantage of Yuvan’s youth and forcing him to take responsibility. Because he can’t watch his mother and sister crying, Yuvan interrupts Banni and claims he put the guilt on himself.

He is asked by Manini to spare her the conflict with Banni. Yuvan makes an effort to follow Manini. He ignores Banni’s attempts to stop him. Hemanth requests that Banni speak with Yuvan’s mother.

When they converse, he brings Palak along. Later, Pandit requests that Banni pour holy water across the whole home. Banni nods in agreement and begins to spray water around when she discovers tape and a mirror that display the picture unevenly. Banni believes that someone attempted to terrify Yuvan with his promise and that Yuvan is not dreaming.

She expresses her gratitude to Krishna Ji for pointing out the path and chooses to end Manini’s performance in 24 hours.