Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai (telecast) | 01 Sep 2022

Check the written update for the freshly released section of the interesting telecast Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai delivered on Thursday, 01 September 2022 on Star Bharat. Indu Feels Devastated is the designation of the groovy episode number S1 E47.


When Rajendra makes the decision to promise the household’s jewelry in order to repay Satish’s money, it comes as a shock to Indu. Later, Indu feels saddened when her valuables is taken.


When the episode opens, Rajender goes there with Zoon when she phones Ritesh. Ritesh questions Zoon about her decision to come out. According to Zoon, she believed that he and Indu were at odds. Ritesh glances at Indu before informing Zoon that they are only conversing.

He then shifts the conversation by informing her that he spotted numerous people outside when he arrived and inquires as to their activities. Are they planning to honor her Gannu bhaiya? When he asks whether he wants to see it, Zoon replies “yes. ” In agreement, Ritesh grabs Zoon’s hand.

Indu is asked by Zoon whether she intends to see the decorations. Indu tells Zoon that she has some work and begs her to leave with Ritesh while averting her eyes in an effort to conceal her emotions. Okay, says Zoon. Ritesh glares at Indu before he and Zoon walk away.

Indu informs Rajender that she will go to the office to get the money to pay off the bills because she is already late and time is running out. Ritesh is taken to the pandal by Zoon. Everyone is summoned by her. When they all saw Ritesh, they are all pleased and snap his picture.

In addition to introducing himself as Zoon’s closest buddy, Ritesh adds he wants to assist them with pandal decoration. The community members are pleased and consent to Ritesh helping them. When Asha first enters the home, she is horrified by how filthy it is. Indu is stopped, and she inquires as to what is going on.

Indu assures her that she will tell her everything but that she has to go because she has a vital job to do. As she is about to depart, Payal calls. Payal breaks the bad news to Indu and explains that Kamath Sir left for a work-related function and would only return the next day, so the accounts department won’t release her the money without his signature. Indu expresses disbelief and demands to know how they could say such while pleading with Payal to try another approach.

Payal apologizes to herself before telling her that she did try but nothing worked out. She then ends the conversation. Indu collapses on the floor next to their sofa after feeling powerless. While assisting the community members in decorating the pandal, Ritesh gets a call from Rahul.

He realizes that he has to meet Rahul an hour in advance. Rahul receives an apology from Ritesh over the phone and a message that he would be there shortly. There goes Zoon. Ritesh offers to take her home, but Zoon says she’s fine where she is and turns him down.

He then informs her that he must go because of some essential job. Ritesh instructs Zoon to contact her if she has any difficulties. Okay, says Zoon. Ritesh departs the location.

Indu claims that she kept the loan she obtained from Satish for Zoon’s medical bills a secret from her family because she believed that Zoon was her duty and that she shouldn’t bother them. But they are in this predicament now because of her. Her kid was afraid and phoned a stranger for assistance after the thugs assaulted her father. She sobs bitterly because she has failed as a mother and a daughter.

Rajender enters and emerges with a bag in his hand. Indu gets up from her seat when he commands her to do so. Rajender commends Indu for being a strong and self-less lady and begs her to refrain from disparaging his daughter or labeling her a failure. He then gives Indu a bag and instructs her to use it to pay back the loans.

When Indu sees the jewelry, she is horrified. Because it belongs to Sunita and she won’t even allow them to use it for her cancer treatment, she refuses to use the jewelry as collateral for a loan. Rajender clarifies that he is not requesting that she sell it. She plans to use the jewelry as collateral for a loan, but they may arrange payment and remove the jewelry afterwards.

Additionally, he tells her that they can keep this from Sunita and orders her to follow his instructions. Indu hesitates, but ultimately caves. She leaves the home carrying the jewelry bag. She gives Satish a call and promises to return his money.

She is accused by Satish of deceiving him all along. Indu says she won’t be giving him cash, but rather something different. Satish is perplexed as he queries what it is. At Malhotra’s home, Kaamna confronts Sameer and demands to know where he has been and why he hasn’t returned the call.

Sameer claims to have been in the gym. Kaamna tells him that she just talked to Satish, who told her that Indu planned to pay back his loan with the jewelry. If that occurs, says Sameer, all of her issues will be resolved, and they won’t be able to bother her in any way. Kaamna reminds him that Indu has not yet borrowed the jewelry.

Sameer chuckles and tells Kaamna he never even imagined she could be this wicked. When it comes to Indu and Zoon, Kaamna assures him that she will do everything it takes to make their lives miserable. She then queries him as to whether he is aware of the proper course of action. Yes, says Sameer.

Indu strolls down the street. She looks around when she feels someone is following her but doesn’t see them, so she goes quickly. A person phones Sameer and tells him they saw Indu and that his task would be finished, so he shouldn’t worry at all. The two guys capture Indu.

She is knocked to the ground by one of them. One of the guys snatches the bag before she can grab it and gives it to another. And from there, the person flees. Indu follows him while seeing others offering to assist her, but no one does.

She follows the man carrying her luggage without paying attention to the pace, but one of the women stops her just in time, chastises her, and then exits the scene. Indu collapses and sobs. When Vivek arrives, he inquires about what transpired. Vivaan pays the man and takes the jewelry bag from him.

He then phones Sameer to notify him. Ritesh decks out Lord Ganesha at the Malhotra house. He states that they will all decorate in this manner as a family in the future. Kaamna becomes irritated but remains silent.

When Sameer gestures at her, she then provides an explanation and departs the area. Shakuntala is told by Ritesh that Zoon can calm him down after her, and he complains to Indu for always getting on her nerves. Vivek and Indu go to the station. Vivek and the cop had a disagreement.

Indu apologizes on Vivek’s behalf and then begs for a FIR to be filed. The policeman concurs. On the other hand, Kaamna informs Sameer that they must put up with Ritesh’s stupidity for a few more days because, after that, he plans to ruin him in a way that he is completely unaware of.