Ginni Faces the Consequences — Channa Mereya | 30 Aug

Let’s enjoy the written update for the another installment of the fascinating TV show Channa Mereya printed on Tuesday, 30 August 2022 on Star Bharat. Ginni Faces the Consequences is the subtitle of the up-to-the-minute episode number S1 E46.


When Ginni admits that her friend threatened Sam to get money from her, she receives blowback. Later, Gulabo attacks Sam violently.


Sam opens the show by addressing Aditya by name. Armaan goes and gets Ginni’s phone and offers it to Sam, explaining that he accidentally took it with him. Sam grabs the phone and leaves the area. Thumbs up, says Armaan.

Ginni sways. She then informs Santu that she was unable to get any reliable evidence using Sam’s mobile device, and their only option is to catch Sam in the act when she visits the temple. In her room, Sam remembers the danger of the blackmailer and her concerns. Aditya receives his attire from Armaan on the other side for the celebration.

Aditya ponders his clothing choice. Armaan claims that since he is the only hero of the day, it makes no difference what he wears. Additionally, he claims that since he is his best buddy, he must do all the labour. Aditya insists that a friend is a friend.

Although Armaan’s opinions on friendship may not be shared by others, for him, he is his best friend. Aditya is then told to rest up since he will return the next day. They have some vital jobs to perform, so Aditya urges Armaan to arrive sooner. Armaan inquires, but Aditya tells him to arrive first so he may inform him.

After confirming, Armaan adjourns the area. Aditya starts to take off his t-shirt but finds it difficult when it gets caught. He then cries out to Armaan for assistance. When Ginni observed this from across his room, she also saw that Armaan had already departed, so she went to assist him.

Turning back, Aditya is startled to see Ginni. He tells her to stop making fun of her since she doesn’t want to go inside his room, but she walks over to assist him because she doesn’t see anybody else stuck. She is made fun of by Aditya by him, who questions whether she married him to aid him or catch him. Ginni explains that her motives are good, and she doesn’t feel the need to persuade him of her statements.

She further mentions that Aditya is unwilling to assist himself. Aditya assures her that he doesn’t need her assistance and begs her to avoid him before leaving the area. However, Ginni thinks to herself that she doesn’t want him to punish himself for something he didn’t do. Then she begs God to enable her to reveal Sam’s actual identity to everyone.

Workers are busy the next day bringing in ornamental things to the mansion to set the stage for the Gala dinner. Sam and Ginni each carry their stuff out of their rooms. Ginni chooses to follow her. When Sam saw a police officer entering the premises, she was abruptly halted in her tracks.

Ginni is alarmed and concerned as well. Preetam, an officer, is greeted by Rajvant. He then informs him that because they come from a respectable family, the officer’s visit is not intended to accuse or punish them for engaging in any unlawful activity. He then asks him why he is there.

Preetam says that, sadly, someone in this residence broke the law this time, thus he is here to inquire. Supreet and Shailaja Amber also joined us in the living room. Preetam’s statements confound Rajvant. Preetam is greeted by Shailaja, who expresses her disappointment that he was unable to join her in celebrating Raksha Bandhan, despite the fact that they are cousins, brothers, and sisters.

She continues by saying that she can’t be angry with him for a very long time. Additionally, she admits that it was she that phoned Preetam. Rajvant queries her as to why. According to Shailaja, Sam got a call from a person demanding money, and as a result of her anxiety, she chose to enlist Preetam’s assistance in identifying the caller.

Preetam asks the Singh family whether they are aware of Santu and informs him that the person who threatened Sam is unaware that their whereabouts and identity can be determined just by their phone number. They all respond negatively, which worries Ginni. Preetam continues, “They will make sure that both of them get harsh punishment for attempting to extort money. After they find out Santu, they will undoubtedly pry information from her to find out who requested her to do all this.

Ginni is taunted by Sam, who approaches her and tells her that she destroyed her plan and that she has 24 hours to reveal the truth before Aditya finds out and ejects her by herself. Everyone is shocked when Sam phones Preetam and reveals that Sanru is friends with Ginni. Additionally, Ginni states that Santu is merely her buddy. Ginni attempted to extort money from Sam by threatening her, but Sam plays along and tells everyone that she first wanted to show that Aditya is not the father of her unborn kid.

She then requests that Preetam detain Ginni. Preetam reprimands Ginni and advances on her. Rajvant interrupts him and challenges him for trying to detain Aditya’s wife, a member of his family. Everyone is startled.

Shailaja belittles Ginni for going too far and bothering Sam needlessly. Sam also disparages Ginni’s persona. Shailaja is reprimanded by Amber and Rajvant for phoning a police officer without telling them first, but Supreet stands up for Shailaja. Supreet queries Ginni and Sam as to why they aren’t complying with the family’s demands rather than what is most upsetting them.

Sam seems to be anxious about the unborn child but claims that they can get rid of Ginni after tomorrow when Aditya reveals who his wife is. Sam is slapped by Gulraj as he arrives, stunning everyone. Preetam goes outside. Sam is slammed by Gulraj, who claims that just because she changed her identity doesn’t imply that all she achieved was insignificant.

Gulraj praises Ginni before comparing the two women and calling Sam a complete liar. Sam is defended by Shaija. Ginni begs Gulraj to stop, but the latter is unreceptive. She queries Sam as to why she couldn’t discover someone who didn’t belong in Amritsar if she intended to capture a man.

Following that, she walks around and begs everyone to accept Ginni as their daughter-in-law. As a mother, Supreet says she understands, but Aditya will decide who he wants in his life. Gulraj says she is prepared to beg alongside Aditya. Additionally, she begs Rajvant to spare her daughter the repercussions of something she never did. Ginni cries and gives Gulraj a hug while telling her not to ask for her in front of everyone.