Ginni Warns Sam — Channa Mereya | 31 Aug

Enjoy the written update for the original installment of the immersing show Channa Mereya delivered on Wednesday, 31 August 2022 on Star Bharat. Ginni Warns Sam is the moniker of the revolutionary episode number S1 E47.


Ginni learns that fake documents were used for Sam and Goldy’s divorce and manages to get evidence. Later, Ginni threatens to expose Sam.


Gulabo is told by Ginni that she doesn’t need to ask anybody for forgiveness since she “trusts my values more than anything. ” She then transports her. Supreet claims that while I wanted to invite Gulabo to the dinner, Adi refused. I can’t watch my mother pleading to anybody, “Ginni yells as she drags Gulabo into her room.

Gulabo claims that since you kept so many things from me, you no longer even express your suffering to me. According to Ginni, everything is OK. Gulabo claims that they are prepared to eject you from the residence. She is urged to relax by Ginni.

Ginni claims that I have evidence that Sam’s child is not Adi’s; all I need to do is show Ginni the truth. There are still 12 hours remaining, but I’ll leave this home with pride. Darji remembers everything when he is in his room. There, he discovers an antique box, which he opens to reveal a photograph of him and Ginni’s father.

He slides a piece of furniture aside and retrieves his journal from the changing area. He believes that Adi is suffering as a result of my misdeeds. I really hope he doesn’t treat Ginni unfairly. He sobs and tucks his journal away.

Adi is at the gym and thinks back to what Sam and Ginni said. When Armaan arrives, does he want to continue with everything? Adi offers, “Let me work out while you do the task I assigned you. You cannot overlook Ginni’s actions, according to Armaan.

Adi orders him to focus only on his work and to keep his business private. Armaan nods before departing. When Ginni contacts Santo, she enquires whether the police have phoned her. I sincerely apologize.

Don’t worry about me, Santo adds; I have fantastic news. When I visited the attorney, he informed me that Goldie and Sam’s divorce documents were fraudulent. I’ll provide you with the evidence. Ginni claims that because people are now questioning my character, I must expose Sam’s truth.

After hanging up, she sees Armaan arrive. He claims, “I can still assist you. ” When the moment is right, I’ll let you know, says Ginni. Supreet is present when Armaan turns to go.

Supreet informs Ginni that she will send a dress for her and that a beautician will visit her to assist her. Ginni sways. Armaan moves on. Ginni answers a call and then departs.

Supreet observes. As the gala meal begins, the whole family is yelling at Ginni for deceiving and lying to them. Ginni is yelled at by Adi, who tells her: “You always wanted money from us. It turns out it was all Ginni’s fantasy.

” When Goldie receives a call about the gala dinner, she is delighted. Gulabo is informed by Goldie that the media will now be informed about Adi and Ginni’s relationship. Today we shall celebrate Ginni. After the gala, I’ll bring Simran over here.

“They will expel your sister and accept your Simran. ” Gulabo growls at him. When Goldie is horrified, she responds, “No, she is my life. ” He leaves and flees.

Gulabo sobs and begs God to assist Ginni. As she prepares for the gala dinner, Ginni declares that she must now defend her dignity. All of the guests arrive as the gala meal begins. Gurleen shows up alone, prompting Amber to inquire about her in-laws.

They had some jobs, according to Gurleen. Sam and Ginni will attend the event. They collide with one another. Ginni displays to her the forged divorce documents and informs her that the attorney has verified your deception.

I’m going to reveal your reality now since you attempted to make fun of my background.

Precap: Sam puts Ginni in a room and renders her unconscious as she prepares to tell Adi the truth. As soon as he enters the event, Adi informs the media that he will introduce his life partner. Adi glances away as Sam approaches and offers to grasp his hand.