Imli (telecast) | 01 Sep 2022

Enjoy the written update for the trend-setting webisode of the happy telecast Imli telecasted on Thursday, 01 September 2022 on StarPlus. Imlie Saves Malini is the name of the all-new episode number S1 E565.


When Aryan is unable to recall the events that took place the day before, it causes Imlie to be concerned. Later, she saves Malini from an explosion that was set off by Imlie in order to hurt Malini.


Imlie becomes concerned about Cheeni and abandons Aryan. She feels she didn’t live up to her obligation to Cheeni. Cheeni approaches her and asks impolitely, “What is it? ” Imlie gives her a heartfelt embrace.

If Malini met Aryan and Imlie, Narmada queries Anu. No, says Anu. All three are secure, according to Arpita. No kid can be secure with Imlie, according to Anupama; as a result of Imlie, Malini lost her daughter and Arpita lost her nephew.

Imlie lost her kid and a lot more five years ago, but even then, she was caring for Cheeni like a mother, and a mother can never hurt her child, says Arpita, who urges her to quit descending so low. Preeta informs Neela that Arpita, Imlie’s bhakt/admirer, has already begun chanting Imlie’s name. Anu believes that won’t happen at all. As Aryan awakens, he muses on how he got there.

He leaves to look for Imlie and Cheeni. Cheeni threatens Imlie with giving her candy if she keeps calling her. She claims Imlie is the definition of girl power and is raising her because otherwise she wouldn’t even know who her mother is. She goes on to describe how she provided Imlie and Aryan with bhang milk.

Aryan approaches them and inquires about their well-being. Imlie claims they are OK. Aryan inquires as to his whereabouts and the purpose of being in a hut. Imlie is aware that he cannot recall what happened the previous evening.

Cheeni said she would even though Imlie was absent. Even Imlie claims to have left the cabin with Cheeni. She follows them, regretfully. Sundar and Arpita spoke about the necessity for Jaggu to attend a boarding school in light of Malini and Anu’s persistent intrusions into their home.

Sundar supports her and agrees. Imlie and Cheeni follow Aryan as he makes his way to his vehicle. Malini lights a drum on fire and moves it towards Imlie’s direction. The drum moves back in her direction.

Her dupatta gets caught around her throat as she attempts to flee. She releases it, and she tumbles. Imlie observes this, rushes to the drum, and pulls it off in the distance. The drum detonates.

Aryan searches for Imlie after becoming concerned about her. Cheeni sobs in sympathy for Imlie. Malini hopes Imlie has passed away. Imlie returns to them on foot.

After giving Imlie an intense embrace, Aryan apologizes to her after coming to his senses. Imlie queries Malini about any injuries. Cheeni impertinently requests that Malni/Khali thank Imlie. Malini turns around and declares she won’t apologize to the person who injured her before saving her.

Cheeni is admonished by Imlie to behave better. First, Cheeni requests that she instill politeness in Malini. Malini goes back home. Anu spoils her.

Where are the other kids? wonders Narmada. Next to enter are Aryan, Imlie, and Cheeni. They all get embraced by Narmada, who also inquires about their well-being.

If Malini’s pandal strategy failed, Anu queries. Goons, according to Malini, won’t open their mouths. Cheeni reports that the pandal was set on fire, Malini became trapped, and Imlie was hurt attempting to save Malini. Imlie claims she is okay.

If there was any romance in Aryan and Imlie’s tale, Arpita queries. Aryan claims he has no idea. Aryan and Imlie spent the night in a hut, and Cheeni wants to know this, but Imlie stops her and drags her away. Pulling on Aryan’s legs, Sundar and Arpita urge him to accept Imlie.

Aryan remembers that Imlie stopped Cheeni from talking twice, and he is curious about what she is trying to hide.