Imlie, Aryan Save Chini — Imlie | 30 Aug

Check the written update for the freshest episode of the darling TV show Imlie promulgated on Tuesday, 30 August 2022 on StarPlus. Imlie, Aryan Save Chini is the designation of the newly discovered episode number S1 E563.


Working together, Aryan and Imlie extricate Chini from a deep ditch. Chini offers them a glass of Bhaang to calm down when she sees them squabbling.


Imlie encircles Chini at the beginning of the episode. She inquires as to her well-being. She uses her dupatta to wrap Chini around her torso. It’s Aryan’s time to assert himself now, he claims.

Imlie goes up with Chini after he pulls the breakfast. Imlie asks Aryan whether he only utilises his might in the fight club when he suddenly loses control of the situation. This time, he cannot be feeble. Aryan silences her and lifts them up using all of his might.

The viral video was created by two girls. When the Rathores saw the footage, Sundar, they wondered how Aryan and Imlie got there. Chini is saved by Aryan, but Imlie fails. Malini feels Imlie ought to pass away.

But he retains her hand at the appropriate moment and commands her to remain his hand partner. They have a brief moment when she falls on him. Angered by all she sees, Malini gets in her vehicle and drives away. Aryan’s captors are visible to him in a police vehicle.

He orders the inspector to track down the true perpetrator of this. He won’t be kind to the criminal. Imlie consoles Chini afterwards, and she remarks that she knew they would save her. Aryan stops the vehicle near a shrine when she requests water.

Imlie forces Chini to drink water at the temple before questioning her about leaving the home with those guys. Chini claims that since the kidnappers were dancing with her as well, she was unable to discern their motives. Imlie is warned by Aryan not to question Chini at this moment since she is already traumatised. Imlie speaks because she urgently needs to find out who is responsible.

Imlie and Aryan get into a fight. When Chini sees several young people enjoying themselves while drinking bhaang, she decides she won’t let them fight. She approaches them and requests two glasses, believing that this juice would energise both Imlie and Aryan. The conflict will end.

The kids respond that it’s not for kids, but Chini says Imlie and Aryan may have it. Imlie and Aryan search the area for Chini. They get the girls and boys along with Chini. In the midst of the dispute, Chini inquires as to when they have finally had time to miss her.

Chini instructs the girl to serve bhaang to Aryan and Imlie when they begin their quarrel once again. Chini declares that she will dance with the group of lads and females once Imlie and Aryan remove the glasses. Imlie and Aryan consume the bhaang and get lightheaded. Imlie is in a drunken condition next to Aryan, who is sitting on the ground.

Malini meets the kidnappers at the police station. If they expose her identity to the police, she threatens to murder the family members. She claims that she put a sizable sum of money into their accounts that they could never hope to earn in their whole lives. In exchange, they won’t reveal her.

Imlie laughs with Aryan after realising that everything seems to be doubled. They both look in every direction for Chini. He takes her hand and inquires as to why she left him all alone. Aryan can’t answer the phone since it dropped out of his pocket while he was walking, despite Malini’s continuous attempts.

Chini is startled when he sees Malini’s call on his phone. She claims Malini shouldn’t be aware of Imlie and Aryan’s whereabouts. The phone is hidden. Malini believes she can find Aryan by tracking his phone.

She approaches the shrine while carrying a wrench. When Chini sees Aryan and Imlie together, she becomes joyful. Aryan takes Imlie to a decorated location where they have a romantic moment. They get married.