Imlie (TV broadcast) | 02 Sep 2022

Check the written update for the popular story of the stirring TV broadcast Imlie telecasted on Friday, 02 September 2022 on StarPlus. Aryan Is Back in Office is the moniker of the ultra-modern episode number S1 E566.


Aryan should take care of his family and concentrate on his future, according to Imlie’s counsel. The next day, Aryan returned to the workplace, which left Imlie completely stunned.


Arpita’s suggestion that Aryan transform himself into Imlie opens the episode. Aryan claims he will get dressed and go to bed. He departs. Anu queries Anu as to whether Imlie spared her daughter’s life as a favour to her.

Malini says Imlie and Aryan will be split up, according to Malini, who also promises to pay them back. Imlie sings Chini a lullaby, but the latter cannot fall asleep. She claims she needs to drink some water. Imlie observes Aryan walking towards her room as she exits the room to get some water.

When she sees him, she hides behind a pillar. Aryan halts when he notices Imlie’s anklet. Aryan claims that Imlie’s presence in his life transformed everything. Imlie approaches him from behind while moving gently.

She thinks back to Aryan’s revelation during their private moment. Aryan inquires: what does Imlie wish to discuss? She claims that in the past, he was able to read her sentiments without her having to say anything. She queries why he approached her chamber at this particular hour.

He claims he wanted to check on Chini’s wellbeing. He claims that she created Chini to be powerful and fearless like her. Imlie claims that she is alone outside of Chini. Aryan claims that he is also lonely, in addition to her.

He opts to be alone. Imlie responds, “But his family needs him,” to which Aryan draws forward and inquires, “Does she need him? ” She deviates by stating that she has to go to get water for Chini. Imlie believes that although she won’t compel him to spend his life with her, she will never force him to recall their previous interactions.

The next day, Aryan shocks Imlie and the other workers by showing up to work. He demands that all of the reports from the last five years be ready on his desk within an hour. He values his time and won’t put up with any errors. Going to his cottage is him.

Imlie hides behind his desk while preparing her answers in case he probes them about their talk from last night. Imlie has previously informed Aryan that she does not want to involve him in her future, so Aryan believes he should refrain from looking for her. Malini arrives and reprimands the staff, asking them why they forgot their etiquette and failed to greet her in the morning. He reminds him that if he had asked her, she would have given him all the information he needs after Aryan says he has joined the workplace.

She constantly offers him partial facts, according to Aryan, which is bad. He is curious about the Bhaskar Times’ financial activities. He requires every report. Malini fears that her efforts will be in vain because she will be unable to conceal her deception from this new Aryan.

Imlie becomes ecstatic to see the original Arians. She believes Malini is no longer capable of deceiving Aryan or committing crimes. Imlie is informed by the doctor that Chini’s life is in jeopardy. They must transfuse her.

Imlie claims that while Chini was three months old when she was treated as a mother, she did not give birth to her. Malini is startled when she overhears it. She claims that she won’t steal anything from Imlie but will return her kid, who is solely hers. Imlie searches for Chini at the beginning of the episode and becomes concerned.

She is glad to see Chini when she arrives. Anu informs Arpita that Imlie is not a safe place for children; as a result of her, Malini lost her unborn child, Imlie murdered her own kid, and the Rathores lost their heir. How, argues Arpita, can Anu accuse a mother of murdering her own child? Imlie raised an orphan child while living alone, so she could never consider harming her own child.

What will they do now that Arpita is preparing to welcome Imlie in a big manner, Preeta asks Nila? Anu believes Imlie won’t return to this house ever. Chini says Imlie, according to Chini, has always educated her about female strength and how to take care of herself. Chini doesn’t need to worry about her personal safety since Imlie claims that she is still alive.

By mistake, Chini admits that she fed them bhaang. When Aryan awakens, he is perplexed and wonders why he is in the hut. He walks outside and inquires about Imlie and Chini. Imlie stutters and claims that she is just like everyone else.

Imlie is furious since Aryan can’t remember anything about the culmination. She decides not to share anything with him. Imlie interrupts Chini as she attempts to elaborate about their stay at the hut by announcing that she was also there. Because of the poisonous environment at the estate, Arpita makes the decision to send Jaggu to boarding school there. Sundar agrees with her choice.