Karthika Deepam (TV broadcast) | 01 Sep 2022

Get the written update for the freshly released section of the likable TV broadcast Karthika Deepam aired on Thursday, 01 September 2022 on Star Maa. Sourya, Varnasi on a Mission is the tag of the today’s episode number S1 E1446.


Both Sourya and Varnasi set off in the direction of the forest to look for Deepa and Karthik. In a different part of the story, Mounitha becomes aggravated by Karthik’s notion.


In the opening moments of the episode, Mounitha muses about ways to woo Karthik. Mounitha resolves to act as if she was injured. After hearing Mounitha’s voice, Karthik inquires as to what transpired. She tells him she was injured while cooking and displays the bandage to him.

Karthik treats it lightly. In Mounitha’s opinion, the only way Karthik would send Deepa a message claiming to be unfamiliar with her is if she forces him to love her. When Mounitha realises she has been harmed, she asks him why he is not expressing his sentiments and emotions. Karthik claims he has no feelings.

Why can’t he, since Mounitha claims to love and care for him? Karthik claims he is a non-actor. He doesn’t realise what she loses as a result of him, claims Mounitha. Karthik queries what she misplaced.

According to Mounitha, the child is a male. In disbelief, Karthik inquires as to his whereabouts. He informs him that their son was taken while she was attending to his medical needs and that she afterwards learned nothing about what had happened to him. She claims to be upset with his affection.

Karthik embraces her. To win Karthik’s affection and keep Deepa off the admission board, Mounitha believes she has to increase her dosage. Food is brought to the doctor and his mother by Deepa. They compliment her food’s flavour.

The mother of the doctor feels her son is fortunate. Their marriage, according to Deepa, is hurting them. She is given Sita and Rama as an example by the doctor’s mother. The doctor advises her to look for her spouse and advises her to have your husband try your home-cooked meals so he will remember everything rather than fight like Rama.

Deepa nods in agreement and informs them of her proposal. Varanasi receives a chariot from Chandramma, who also instructs him to eat at the proper hour. Additionally, Sourya requests Chandramma prepare a carriage for her. Chandramma inquires as to why.

As she rides in the car, Sourya vows she will look for her parents. With Varanasi’s promise, Indrudu and Chandramma allowed Sourya to depart, despite their best efforts to persuade him to remain. If Sourya discovers her parents, will she be able to forgive Hima? questions Varanasi.

No, says Sourya. Varanasi wonders what she would do if her mother had begged her to forgive Hima. If we discover Deepa, Sourya promises, I’ll follow her instructions. Varanasi wishes that her wishes might come true.

Siva is asked to leave by Karthik. Karthik is questioned by Mounitha about her search for him. Karthik claims he wants to go. Siva appears and replies, “Yes, sir.

” Karthik is asked by Mounitha not to go. Siva will receive anything she requests for you. Karthik claims he wants to surprise her. He is asked what it is by Mounitha.

Karthik claims he felt bad since he didn’t fully trust her earlier, but he insisted that he did nothing wrong when she burned her hand. Mounitha believes he has changed after hearing this. Deepa is coming, according to Karthik. Mounitha asks Karthik why he brought Mounitha here.

If Deepa sees them together in this home, Karthik claims, she would realise I’m not her doctor, Babu. Mounitha disagrees and asserts that she will locate a competent chef if you don’t want her to prepare meals. Karthik concurs and gives the OK. Siva and Karthika leave.

Karthik may forget anything, according to Mounitha, but he remembers Deepa. Deepa shouldn’t run into Karthik, in Mounitha’s opinion, so she should watch out for her. In the video, Deepa can be seen leaving the doctor’s home. Doctor Deepa questions if staying here would be beneficial. The doctor is reminded by Deepa of her comments on Mounitha.