Kinjal’s Daughter is Born — Anupama | 31 Aug

Check the written update for the cool chapter of the enticing TV series Anupama brought on Wednesday, 31 August 2022 on StarPlus. Kinjal’s Daughter is Born is the pseudonym of the ahead of the game episode number S1 E670.


When the Shahs learn that Kinjal has given birth to a healthy daughter, they are overjoyed. Anuj later dismisses the apologies given by Ankush and Barkha.


Anupama queries Samar about Paritosh’s comeback in the current episode. Samar informs him that Paritosh is inaccessible. Anupama is asked by Vanraj to inform Anuj of the good news. Leela is delighted to have great-grandchildren.

Anuj and Anu are delighted to learn of Kinjal’s pregnancy. Anupama must show the infant to Anu, she insists. Assuring Anu is Anupama. Lord Ganesha will get thanks from Anu.

Anuj queries Anupama about her happiness. Anupama informs Anuj that she is OK and very pleased. Leela asks Vanraj whether he has any spare coins to give to the hospital workers who are there. Anupama arrives.

Anupama and Pakhi question Leela about the infant. Anupama told Shahs about her first encounter with Kinjal’s child. She gives praise to Kinjal’s child for becoming her grandma. Anupama claims that he is envious of Anupama since she saw the kid before him.

Anupama urges Vanraj to continue feeling envious. Shahs chuckle. A doctor arrives and declares Kinjal to be well. When can they meet the infant?

Leela queries the doctor. In a little while, the doctor says. She commends Anupama for providing Kinjal and the team strength. The doctor told Kinjal that she was too nervous, but Anupama took care of everything.

Anupama is thanked by Vanraj and Leela. As Kinjal is her daughter and did not do any favors, Anupama requests that Shahs cease honoring him. Anuj gave candy to Anu. Adhik, Ankush, and Barkha arrive.

Anuj requests dessert from Barkha and Anukush and tells them about Kinjal’s unborn child. Adhik praises Anuj for allowing them to remain at the residence. Anuj claims he let them remain just temporarily. Anupama is occupied, so Barkha tells Anuj she will give him his medication.

Anuj asserts that Anupama is aware of GK’s presence. Anupama reminds him to take his medication. Barkha becomes enraged. Anupama, according to Anuj, never forgets anything.

The infant is seen by Anupama and Vanraj. Anupama displays the infant and calls out to Anuj, Anu, and GK. Vanraj tells Anuj that he is overjoyed to be a grandpa. He continues to hold Anupama’s shoulder.

Anuj becomes uneasy. In the hospital with them, Vanraj tells Anuj that he wishes he had been there with them. Anuj sits angry. Shahs and Kinjal meet Anupama.

They let Kinjal know about the infant. Thanks to Kinjal, Leela, Anupama, Hasmuk, Vanraj, Samar, and Pakhi, they now have a lovely kid. Anupama is asked by Kinjal about Paritosh. Anupama claims Paritosh was illiterate but that he would return soon.

The baby is brought by the nurse. The Shahs are thrilled to see the infant. While holding the infant, Vanraj becomes emotional. Anupama and Leela admonish Vanraj to control his emotions.

According to Kinjal, Paritosh is missing the action. Anupama Kinjal offers solace. Kinjal claims to be aware that Paritosh is away at work. Leela requests that Anupama give the infant the elixir. Anupama becomes joyful.