Kohlis saves Prachi and Ranbir — Kumkum Bhagya | 31 Aug

Read the written update for the another scene of the delightsome television broadcast Kumkum Bhagya propagated on Wednesday, 31 August 2022 on Zee TV. Kohlis saves Prachi and Ranbir. is the moniker of the fresh episode number E2207.


Both Ranbir and Prachi are rescued by Kohli.


The episode begins with Prachi telling Ranbir that she loves him a lot and that she recalls that memories are memorable because they remain in the heart. She is thanked by Ranbir, who adds, “I love you more. ” He claims that when we first met, I had nothing on, but you had a red dress because I loved you so much. They embrace.

The girls grin when they hear them. One of the abductors runs into the person assisting them in crossing the border. He tells them that if they don’t bring pace in 30 minutes, they won’t be able to enter the border and their money won’t be refunded. The kidnapper alerts his gang over the phone.

The kidnapper says you have 30 minutes to go. Where we will drop off that girl’s spouse is specified by the female kidnapper. “We will deliver him someplace,” according to the kidnapper. As the kidnappers approach, Shahana conceals the phone.

What is she up to, they wonder? She claims she is looking for the keys so she can go on foot. They brought her in. When Prachi says she tells Ranbir she loves him, the two get into a fight.

Why did you say it, he asks? She claims to have written “I love you” in all caps. Prachi requests the girls’ input. When I didn’t hear, Ranbir replied, “Then how have they heard?

” Prachi says, “Ranbir, I adore you. ” Ranbir implores her to speak honestly before saying, “I love you. ” She declines out of shyness. Otherwise, he would go on a hunting strike, he begs her to say.

He was prompted to state categorically that he would continue dieting by Prachi. According to Ranbir, if I don’t drink or eat, I’ll get weak and eventually pass away. He is hit by Prachi. She says, “I love you” while spreading her arms widely.

Shahana is taken inside by the captors. The girls are watching Ranbir and Prachi when the kidnappers arrive and grab them. Prachi requests that Ranbir go rescue them. The abductors approach Prachi and seize her as Ranbir jumps out of the window.

Prachi yells, “Ranbir! ” When Ranbir returns, he searches for Prachi. Prachi tells Shahana to leave after seeing her. Did you drink it?

“Shana queries. The female abductor claims it is a spray effect. Ranbir approaches and calls for Prachi. The kidnapper requests that his guard seize him.

Ranbir warns the kidnapper that he will tickle him if he stays. Prachi hugs Ranbir while she tickles the girl. Separate them, the kidnapper orders, because we must go quickly. “Leave them,” Shahana begs.

Ranbir will fall asleep, the female abductor claims, when she sprays him. Shahana wonders when he’ll arrive. Vikram visits the location as instructed by Shahana. What sort of location is this, Dida asks?

According to Aaliya, the thugs do not determine whether to visit the family. Rhea queries if this is the location. Vikram promises we won’t make a sound when we enter. Dida is asked to get into the automobile by Pallavi.

Dida begs you to attend. She exits the vehicle and is ready to fall. What are you up to, Vikram inquires? Dida becomes upset.

They are asked to be quiet by Pallavi. Along with Prachi, according to Rhea, Ranbir is having issues. Dida queries the arrival of the police. Vikram claims we must act immediately and will rely on the police as a backup.

Vikram peeks inside and motions for everyone to enter quietly. They see Prachi and Ranbir sharing an embrace. Ranbir is ready to get yelled at by Rhea, but Pallavi keeps her tongue shut. Shahana wonders, “Who are you, Shahana?

” When Pallavi and Rhea are seen, the kidnapper asks, “Who are you? ” Shahana requests that she bring her into another slot after stating that there is no room. Pallavi claims to be a kidnapper and to have taken this girl hostage (Rhea). Prachi is informed by Ranbir that the Mummy has arrived.

What did he say to the kidnapper’s questions? He is not my son, according to Pallavi. She is questioned by Ranbir. Pallavi was asked by Prachi why she had her sister’s mouth shut.

Vikram declares that we should enter. They all enter together. The abductor orders his group to find them. Ranbir calls him “the father.

When Prachi calls Dida, the abductor contacts Mona and orders her to spray everyone with something that would make them pass out. The thugs and Vikram’s family are at odds. Sid arrives and puts something in the kidnapper’s eyes as he is about to take Prachi outside with him. The man enters.

Ranbir inquires about the kidnapper’s discomfort level. Prachi claims that when he grasped her hand, she felt agony. Ranbir pounds his legs on the kidnapper and strikes at his hand. I said that Prachi claims that Ranbir smashed your hands.

The police arrive and announce that they have been looking for you for a while. Dida queries if there is a reward for them. The inspector confirms. On Ranbir and Prachi’s heads, Dida says, “We don’t need anything; just give to the needy as charity.

” They return home. Prachi is forced to lie down on the bed by Shahana. Shahana is asked to sleep with Prachi by Vikram because he thinks she could require you if she wakes up and becomes hungry. Ranbir is forced to get into bed by Sid.

Pallavi questions why Prachi felt the need to act in this way. If anything else had occurred, Aaliya claims she would not have gone out at night. Pallavi claims it is not a matter for her and asserts that nothing improper has occurred. She claims that since Prachi is expecting a child, they abducted her.

She adds that we must remember that the unborn child in our family is in her womb. We can’t overlook the fact that she is carrying our family’s child, she claims. Pallavi, says Aaliya. Pallavi departs.

Sid apologizes and expresses remorse for upsetting a happy family. He claims that I would not have been able to forgive myself if anything had happened to Prachi and you. He assures me that everything will be in order. Rhea is peering into Prachi’s room and believes Ranbir has arrived and has also brought her.