Krishna Reveals the Truth — Woh To Hai Albelaa | 30 Aug

Check the written update for the new episode of the sweet TV serial Woh To Hai Albelaa voiced on Tuesday, 30 August 2022 on Star Bharat. Krishna Reveals the Truth is the label of the most recently released episode number S1 E126.


When Sayuri inquires about her connection with Nakul, Rashmi becomes irritated. Krishna tells Saroj about Nakul and Rashmi’s connection after the festivities.


Rashmi is upset by Sayuri’s inquiry as the episode opens. Rashmi asserts that she is very certain about their romance. Sayuri explains why she is asking since Saroj will undoubtedly cause problems. However, she asserts that if their love is genuine, Kanha would act to bring them together.

Saroj is very quiet and says nothing despite them arriving home and seeing her with Nakul as well, according to Rashmi, who claims that she is overthinking it. Sayuri attempts to explain, but Rashmi walks away, certain that Saroj won’t cause any issues. Sayuri is perplexed by Rashmi’s altered behaviour and wonders why. When Kusum arrives looking for sandals, Saroj is carrying a platter.

She leaves as she notices Saroj holding the plate while sitting still. Dhanraj queries Kusum on her thoughts. Kusum complains that her mother talks only when necessary and is quiet otherwise. She has an odd feeling about it.

Dhanraj urges her to accept that he still doesn’t understand her even after all these years. He assures us that everything will be OK. Krishna is prepared for Sayuri by Krishna. While everyone performed puja, Kanha and Sayuri danced as Radha and Krishna.

Saroj responds that she is absolutely alright when Kusum questions why she is keeping quiet, but Kusum is unconvinced. After the dance is over, Kanha announces that Nakul and Rashmi will perform next. Except for Saroj and Indrani, everyone applauded them. While Indrani is concerned about Saroj, Nakul and Rashmi perform.

Sayuri looks for her response as well, but she is mute. Nani prevents Indrani from breaking up their tight dance. Rashmi is going to strike Saroj while dancing but stops in time. When everyone has observed it, Dhanraj informs them that the party is over.

Everyone exits the room. Saroj is begged by Kanha and Dhanraj to be quiet since it is Janmashtami. Saroj questions why they are in such a panic given that she had no plans to act. She asserts that what Kanha said was accurate and that they really resemble Radha and Kanha.

Indrani rejects her right away, claiming that her reasoning is flawed. She claims that she has talked with Rashmi and that nothing like this is true. In order to express their love for one another, Kanha and Sayuri want Nakul to speak. Nakul declares his love for Rashmi and hers for him.

Saroj presents the platter of celebratory foods with a reference to their romance. Everyone is delighted, and Kusum remarks that their worries were unfounded. She is delighted with her choice. Rashmi accepted everyone’s approval, and Dadi and Indrani were concerned. Sayuri observes the menacing grin Saroj is wearing.