Kumar Vasu Gets Agitated — RadhaKrishn | 29 Aug

Get the written update for the another article of the pleasant TV program RadhaKrishn brought on Monday, 29 August 2022 on StarPlus. Kumar Vasu Gets Agitated is the designation of the all-new episode number S4 E488.


When Bhargavi queries Kumar Vasu about Shrinivas’ whereabouts, he becomes enraged. Later, Aai intends to assist Kumar Vasu in distracting Bhargavi.


Venkatesh has terrible leg pain and believes he put in so much effort for Bhargavi by falling from a tree for her, but she is unconcerned about him. Bhargavi enters the room. Venkatesh writhes in anguish when he sees her and sits. Bhargavi inquires about Bharya. Venkatesh claims she is upset with him and that he was trying to persuade her but was unable to move.

He requests that she fetch him some pain reliever. She is correct. He inquires whether she ever felt grateful when he climbed a tree for her and fell, injuring himself. She nods in agreement. He implies that she should have trusted Srinivas and would not have overreacted if she had known the cause of his delay in seeing her.

Bhargavi walks away pondering. Bharya/Govindraj returns to Venkatesh and tells him that Vasu is flirting with her and wants to buy her a dress. Venkatesh promises her a regal present. Bharya is afraid that Vasu may propose to her if she continues to forgive his approaches. Venkatesh tells him not to worry and describes his new idea.

Bharya also goes to a temple, where Panditji tells him the narrative of Lord Krishna. She asks Panditji how it is possible that her husband does not love her at all, yet Lord Krishna used to love all of his wives equally. According to Panditji, Lord Krishna resides in all men, and women should look for Krishna in their spouses or friends. Padmavati believes she should not be disappointed in Srinivas and should accept him as he is. Bhargavi recalls Venkatesh’s characteristics and compares him to Lord Krishna.

She goes to the lake bed and discovers Venkatesh sitting there with butter. Venkatesh says he is unhappy because of the tragedy that occurred today and is eating butter to relax.