Meet Ahlawat is running late for his meeting — Meet | 29 Aug

Get the written update for the current chapter of the exciting show Meet issued on Monday, 29 August 2022 on Zee TV. Meet Ahlawat is running late for his meeting is the caption of the cool episode number E 339.


Despite her attempts to provide for her family, Meet’s contempt for established gender conventions, as well as her unconventional employment as a delivery agent, make her an undesirable girl in her family’s eyes.


In the room, meet Ahlawat and Barfi. Meet Ahlawat asks, “Don’t you believe me? ” He wonders what he would have done if his family had known about the circumstances, and what about Isha’s health. Barfi pulls Deep’s photo from the drawer and embraces it, saying, “Did you ever think about how I feel? Anytime I think about Deep I feel empty.

Now I just have a daughter. You got married 2 days ago and her marriage is in jeopardy. ” Meet Ahlawat says I’m in charge of the situation. Barfi responds, “Your words will not assist me; try to comprehend my anguish; it is not simple. ” Meet Ahlawat, who says, “I understand your anguish; give me 24 hours, and I’ll ruin her strength and our relationship.

” Everyone in the hall is eating breakfast. Tej reports that Dad is doing well. Babita says a prayer for Raj. Everyone gets paratha from Meet. Barfi tells Neelu, “This is your chance to be a decent daughter-in-law; do what I asked you.

” Barfi takes a seat for breakfast. According to Neelu Cut Fruit, eating fruits in the morning is beneficial to one’s health. Everyone is ignoring her. You may act all you want, but it won’t help you here. Meet Ahlawat flips a coin, declares that today will be a game, and asks Neelu and Meet to select heads or tails.

Neelu selects heads. Check the coin. It’s tails, which means Meet wins the game and gets to stitch a button on my favourite shirt. He comes up to Meet, hands her a needle and thread, and tells her to hurry since he has an investor meeting and a few more rules. Meet and inquire about the regulations.

Meet Ahlawat says I have to spend my time with two wives, therefore I’ve chosen to give you Monday through Thursday and Friday through Sunday. He sits down and tells Neelu that today is Meet’s chance to feed me, that tomorrow I’ll eat anything, including fruits, and that he wants Meet to stitch the button. Don’t react when you meet. Touch Ahlawat when you meet her. I don’t want to obey any rules.

Are you insane? What do you think of yourself? Have you forgotten how to respect women? I didn’t apologise for last night. I can suffer everything, but I won’t allow you to mess with my self-esteem.

Meet Ahlawat asks, “Who made me shameless? “You said no to divorce, you don’t want to go, and I don’t want to leave Neelum, so stop your foolishness and sew this button. ” Then he begins to walk away. He stops her and tells her not to go away. He provides a stool for her to stand on, and he tries to get near to her.

Meet responds, “I despise you,” and pushes him away. Meet Ahlawat, who stopped himself from falling and injuring his hand, and he began to bleed. In horror, she tears her duppata and ties it over his hand, saying, “Why do you do this foolishness, now you injure yourself? ” Neelu brought a first-aid kit. Meet grabs it and wraps it around his hand.

Isha pulls Neelu away and tells her that no matter how much they argue, their hearts are still connected and you are just an outsider. Look at them, they are soulmates. Meet is in tears and rage as he applies a bandage to Meet Ahlawat. Hoshiyar calls Meet and says, “I’m at your house. ” Ammaji takes Hoshiyar’s phone and says, “Meet, look at Hoshiyar.

He’s asking me to rent a room in our house with his wife, who did a lot of terrible things to you. I don’t like him at all. ” Give the phone to Hoshiyar, says Meet. Hoshiyar says you have every right to force us out of your house for whatever Masum did to you, but please aid me for the sake of mankind. Meet says it’s no issue for him to assist you.

Hoshiyar says don’t worry, nothing bad will happen as a result of her, but please help me once. Meet requests that he hand over the phone to Dadi. Meet requests that Dadi give them one room. Dadi claims his wife did so much harm to you and you’re trying to assist her, but you say that’s why you’re doing it; I don’t enjoy seeing Manushi’s and her faces, and only God can help me. Hoshiyar thanks Meet and hangs off the phone.

Dadi says, “Come on in. I’ll show you the room. ” Hoshiyar asks Masum, “Did you notice how kind-hearted she is? You did wrong to her, yet she still gives you room. ” Masum thinks to himself, who wants to stay here.

I have to spend some days till Ahlawat mansion is open for me, and I pray investors don’t cancel the meeting. Someone presses the doorbell. The servant opened the door for them. Three elderly men wait nearby. One of them requests to see Ahlawat.

Meet Ahlawat, look them in the eyes, and invite them to sit. Investors say they heard you wounded yourself and decided to meet here. When you meet Ahlawat, inquire how you found out. The man says your wife messaged us and asked us to meet here. The other man responds, “Let’s get this meeting started because we have a full schedule.

” Meet Neelu in the kitchen. Meet her, hand her a tray, and say, “These are some snacks. Go and serve them to the guests seated outside. ” This will help you gain a place in everyone’s heart. Neelu grabs some munchies and steps outdoors.

Meet Ahlawat adds that if you like, we may hold this meeting at the office. The man responds, “I assume you think we have a lot of time to squander. You’re quite unprofessional if that’s the case, I’ll leave,” and rises up. Neelu steps in with refreshments and says, “Please sit down and take some snacks before leaving. ” When someone walks in with refreshments, invite them to sit.

Man wonders why there are two snacks and tea. Meet Ahlawat says it’s simple. He has everything else, just like his wife.