Pandya Store (TV broadcast) | 02 Sep 2022

Enjoy the written update for the different chapter of the exciting TV broadcast Pandya Store telecasted on Friday, 02 September 2022 on StarPlus. The Pandyas are Ecstatic is the label of the newly discovered episode number S1 E508.


At the official inauguration of Rishita’s new store, Suman is the one to cut the ribbon. After some time has passed, the Pandya family celebrates the acquisition of a new automobile as Rishita conducts the necessary rites.


The inauguration of Rishita’s godown is performed by the Pandyas at the beginning of the episode. Cut the ribbon, Suman. She grants Dev and Rishita her blessings. Before they all head inside the godown, Rishita wants to kick the sacred pot.

The pot is sought after within the sack. She becomes frustrated when she can’t locate it. She accuses Dhara of being careless. Raavi offers one idea: kicking a water ball.

Rishita declines and accuses the Pandyas of concealing her marijuana. They all search for marijuana. Raavi attempts to explain to Rishita that it is becoming late for them to collect the automobile. Rishita responds aggressively and refuses to walk outside before going inside the godown.

Suman invites Dhara to accompany her, Shiva, and Raavi to the auto repair shop. Raavi declines. Since it’s the family’s first automobile, Raavi insists that everyone be there when she picks it up. If Shweta continues provoking little arguments among the family members, she may go and leave Chiku with the Pandyas, who won’t bother to train Ber.

Rishita is tasked by Shweta with looking inside the baby’s backpack, where the pot may have been hidden. Rishita turns her down. Raavi looks through the sack and locates the pot. Shweta chuckles.

Rishita claims she didn’t keep the cannabis in the baby’s backpack. Raavi charges Rishita with postponing the lucky moment on purpose. “Let’s go to the store,” advises Rishita. They have only five minutes, according to Raavi, and they won’t be able to get to the business in time.

Rishita and Raavi quarrel. Suman ends their altercation. She explains that if we are five minutes late for the auspicious time, it’s okay since they may still begin the task by having confidence in God. Raavi places the pot and adds water to it.

She instructs Rishita to kick it before going into the godown. Raavi draws Rishita’s attention. Rishita is told by Dhara to carry on her struggle at home and finish the rite right now. Rishita kicks the bucket and walks inside the store.

The Pandyas dance in celebration after receiving the automobile. Raviv laments that they missed the fortunate moment. Suman advises believing God while doing the pooja for the automobile. Raavi agrees.

Dhara congratulates Raavi and gives her a hug. Krish uses the automobile to take a family picture. Raavi accepts Suman’s blessings and declares that the Dzire has improved her quality of life. As it is her automobile, Shweta requests that Dhara sit in the front.

Suman should take a seat up front, according to Rishita. Rishita and Raavi concur. Suman is asked to sit in the front seat, and Gautam is given the wheel. Gautam concurs but requests that all of their house’s Lakshmis sit in the automobile.

They comply. Dhara asks Krish to take Shweta home on his bike, as there isn’t room in the vehicle for her, and she would accompany Chiku. Shweta promises to take an autorickshaw home. Suman commands Shweta to accompany Krish.

Krish praises Shweta for requesting to inspect the bag to see if there is a pot as they go. Raavi learns how to operate the vehicle from Shiva. Shiva gives her chaat and requests that she eat it. Raavi declines.

She predicts that the automobile will be damaged. She isn’t a child, according to Shiva, who spills the chaat. The chaat plate was given to her by him. She appreciates Raavi for realising his father’s wish to purchase an automobile.

He is pleased with her. Raavi disregards his chaat. Chutki is weeping, and Rishita and Dev are attempting to comfort him. Dhara makes milk for Chutki and Chiku.

By adding lemon drops to Chutki’s milk, Shweta diverts Dhara’s attention and taints it. She fears that the spoiled milk will cause a conflict at the Pandyas’ home and will take Rishita’s attention away from her.