Rajjo Becomes Apprehensive — Rajjo | 31 Aug

Enjoy the written update for the brand-new story of the peachy television broadcast Rajjo pronounced on Wednesday, 31 August 2022 on StarPlus. Rajjo Becomes Apprehensive is the name of the funky episode number S1 E9.


Arjun makes sure that Rajjo has clean clothing to wear and assures her that he would help her find her mother. The next day, Rajjo becomes concerned since her mother’s scarf is nowhere to be seen.


Rajjo begins the episode by stating that the water won’t be arriving. Did you open the tap? “Arjun queries. She confirms that it won’t arrive. She is asked to turn the tap handles to the right.

He becomes perplexed. Open the shower faucet She collapses and cries out. When she opens the hot water tap and closes it, does he beg her to be quiet? She begs him to help her right now. He shuts the tap after entering.

He labels her an idiot. Stay here, he adds; I’ll grab some clothing for you. I’ll continue to wear my clothing, she adds. You will feel sick wearing this clothing, he adds, so remain here. I can’t acquire female clothes for you.

Madhu feels dejected. Jhilmil claims that after hearing about Chirag and your conversations, you should forgive him. He has shed many tears of regret, and while I am aware of his error, Arjun had to donate a kidney to save him. Chirag is also your son, and life is what it is. That is why I weep.

According to Madhu, Arjun’s life has been destroyed. Chirag should handle his life, and his wife Kalindi. . . I warned her to manage Sia and the family, but she didn’t care and delivered Sia to Swara.

She is your niece; you will feel awful. Jhilmil assures her that Swara will take care of Sia, and Chirag’s error is that he isn’t working. I didn’t stop him, according to Madhu. Let Mukund manage the company, advises Jhilmil; even Chirag will see logic in it. Madhu declares, “I’ll ponder.

” As she observes, Kalindi muses, “You can’t alter what’s happening in my life. ” Arjun requests his sister’s clothing. She queries, “Why do you want my brand-new outfit? ” He claims that I neglected to give Urvashi an engagement present. This won’t suit her, she claims.

He claims he’ll show her through video chat, and there’s a tag on it that we can trade. He leaves. She smiles as she sees the cupcakes. To Rajjo, Arjun goes. He observes her blowing soap bubbles.

What’s going on? he queries. She apologises, saying that she was distracted because she was hungry. She is asked to go change. She gets dressed and comes.

Taqdeerein. . plays. . .

. He apologises and says there is just one outfit. It’s OK, says Rajjo, it will work. She tumbles. He grips her.

Tujhse juda gives a performance. . . I’m falling, she says, and you’re holding me. For her, he orders cupcakes.

Have this; sit here. You’d be hungry, he adds. She was stopped and asked to put the paper down. She claims that we also eat this. I thought.

She sobs. He queries what transpired. She remains silent. I don’t know what’s in your heart, he continues, so just speak. Rajjo claims that I never ate without Maai and that she is missed.

He claims that we will locate her tomorrow, that you should eat since not doing so may make you sick, and that we will go together because I can’t find her alone. She claims the cake is lovely, like cotton candy. It’s enough, she says. Now, he asks her to go to bed. She reclines.

She is asked why she is on the ground while he will sleep on the sofa and will sleep on the bed. She argues. “I can sleep anywhere. Don’t aggravate me, he says; get up; nobody sleeps on the floor in our home; go lay down there. She thanks him.

She uses the bed to sleep. She finds the blanket to be very plush and says, “I wish I could make my Maai sleep on a bed like that. ” Arjun believes that my life is turning on its head. She said she is unsure about how she will sleep without Maai. She thought about Mannu.

Mannu will soon arrive. She offers Rajjo a prayer. Rajjo is sound asleep. Arjun enters the space. Rajjo may be seen dozing off on the bed’s edge.

She falls. He grips her. Plays Ek duje mein He tells her to get up since it’s morning. He brings her tea. She requests tea.

He claims I can’t drink tea since I went jogging. She inquires why Sheru pursued you. He asserts that I run or jog every day. He won’t feel fatigued if she offers him some tea. He expresses gratitude to her.

She claims that we once drank black pepper tea. She wonders where her chunni went and searches for it. I’ll buy you a new chunni, according to Arjun. She wants it. Did someone take it?

she claims. He responds, “No, I dumped it in the garbage since it smelled bad; the trash truck will pick it up immediately. ” She dashes up to the balcony and descends via the pipe. He describes her as insane. He exits the home by running downstairs.

Rajjo chases the trash truck. Swara is blessed by Madhu. When Arjun sees the garbage truck, he asks where Rajjo went. Rajjo exits the trash truck with a chunni. Rajjo sobs joyfully.

What the hell, Arjun asks? “I got my chunni,” she exclaims as she leaps off the vehicle. The guy claims she is a sample. “Moving is the vehicle. Rajjo claims that I found the chunni in the trash.

Does this chunni rescue you if you die? What do you want to do? I promised you I’d get a chunni for you. He then asks whether you were angry. She claims that this is my mother’s chunni, which is important and a sign from her, and that I won’t be able to leave until my mother arrives.

The same alley is reached via Mannu. She misses Arjun and Rajjo.