Rajveer Exposes Dolly’s Ruse — Ajooni | 31 Aug

Check the written update for the original episode of the charming television show Ajooni delivered on Wednesday, 31 August 2022 on Star Bharat. Rajveer Exposes Dolly’s Ruse is the moniker of the cool episode number S1 E32.


Dolly is charged by Rajveer of plotting a cunning scheme against Ajooni, and he presents the proof. Ajooni confronts Dolly as she attempts to put Harman in the wrong.


When Rajeev arrives, she is going to use oil as soap when he stops her. Ajooni is shocked and inquires as to when he woke up. She advises you to relax since you don’t feel good. Despite feeling queasy, Rajeev takes the oil dish from her.

Ajooni stops him from falling just as he is about to. Rajeev phones his whole family and is furious. Thank God, Bebe exclaims, he is now awake. According to Ravindra, you need to relax.

Rajveer argues that since my wife was assaulted in this home, now is not the time to relax. Has he lost his mind, wonders Ravindra? I am certain that Ajooni’s life is at risk here, adds Rajveer. Ravindra claims that you are battling me because of this woman, who put you in this situation.

What is she doing now? Why would someone attempt to murder her here? You should face Dolly, “Rajveer glares at her. According to Harman, this Ajooni now wants to ruin the lives of my daughters.

Dolly allegedly attempted to assault Rajveer. If he has any evidence, Ravindra inquires. Rajveer asserts, “I do. ” If you can prove that, Ravindra says, I’ll punish Dolly; if not, Ajooni will be punished.

Rajveer calls the butler to inquire. She refers to a liquid soap. Rajveer claims it isn’t, so be honest with me. In a state of fright, she claims, “Dolly asked me to do all this.

” Dolly claims that I did nothing. When Rajveer yelled “enough,” I overheard Dolly telling the servant to use hazardous oil in lieu of soap. Dolly sobs, “Harman begged me to do all this,” in response. Harman exclaims, “I didn’t,” in disbelief.

Rajveer expresses amazement and asks Harman how she could want to harm his wife. Says Dolly, “I’m sorry. ” Enough, Ajooni replies. You shouldn’t accuse Harman when you also attempted to harm me before.

You gave me sleeping medicine and kept me in a smoky room. Dolly becomes upset and concedes. Ravindra intervenes to stop Rajveer from slapping her as he becomes enraged. Dolly sobs and refuses when Ravindra informs Harman that she would handle all the housework and that we would send her to the hostel.

I have a better suggestion, says Rajveer. We could send Dolly to Ajooni’s parents’ place, where she could learn and study. No, my family is innocent, therefore I can’t let her damage them, Ajooni argues. You believe in the upbringing of your family, according to Rajveer.

I want them to teach Dolly good manners. Ravindra tells Dolly that Rajveer is correct—I made him a promise so that she would go—and he orders her to pack her things. Ajooni doesn’t enter the room when Rajveer arrives there. What occurred, he asks?

As per Ajooni, I have some tasks. Rajveer stops her and queries if she is keeping anything secret. Rajveer claims you are lying to me; explain the circumstances. I can’t enter your room, “Ajooni explains.

Before taking me inside the home, Ravindra forced me to make that pledge. Because I didn’t mention your sickness, he kicked me out of the home. Rajveer becomes enraged and declares, “I’ll face him. ” He is stopped by Ajooni, who replies, “It’s alright, I made a mistake.

” However, Rajveer asserts, he cannot expel you in that manner. Ajooni clutches his hand and begs for me as he attempts to depart. Looking at her mesmerizes Rajveer. He attempts to return to his room but falls down since Ajooni is holding him.

After giggling at her, he leaves for his room. Ajooni observes.

Precap: Rajveer receives a message from Ajooni via the glass instructing him to take the medication with milk. He accepts it while grinning at her. Later, Rajveer is instructed to go for the city by Ravindra. I’ll go, but you have to withdraw the demands you made to Ajooni, Rajveer replies.