Rudraksh Loses His Job — Yeh Hai Chahatein | 31 Aug

Read the written update for the freshly released story of the entrancing TV drama Yeh Hai Chahatein voiced on Wednesday, 31 August 2022 on StarPlus. Rudraksh Loses His Job is the designation of the freshly published episode number S2 E673.


Rudraksh is fired from his work by Kanchan after she accuses him of destroying the priceless plant she spent a lot of money on. Rudraksh devises a strategy to save his employment, nevertheless.


The episode starts with Vanshika is informed by Rudraksh that when he gets to Armaan’s residence, he cannot approach Armaan while sporting his natural black eyebrows. He requests that she buy him false brows. He learns through Vanshika that MK is not in the city. He warns her that if she doesn’t bring artificial eyebrows, then everything will be destroyed.

Kanchan, on the other hand, claims that Prem is a terrible gardener. She continues, “I won’t spare him. ” Digvijay inquires as to her whereabouts. He is informed by Kanchan that Prem destroyed her plant.

She claims she doesn’t want an ineffective gardener working in her home. She continues. Prem is unable to remain at her home. He will lose his job, she decides.

Children who hear her are startled. Armaan is informed by Digvijay that this is his fortunate day. He claims that Armaan doesn’t need to do anything since Kanchan will fire Prem. Rudraksh and Vidyut arrive at Armaan’s home.

There, Vanshika shows up. She claims to be Rudraksh’s savior. He receives phony eyebrows from her. She claims that MK’s aide gave it to her.

Rudraksh praises her before entering. Prem walks inside the restroom. He queries Kanchan as to her whereabouts. He is reminded by Kanchan to take care of her plant.

Why did you let my plant die? she wonders. She expresses to him her disinterest in having a worthless gardener work for her. She tells him to get his things together and depart after that.

He just once requested her attention. She informs him that she will not be listening to him. Preesha inquires as to where Prem and the children will be at this moment. Prem may remain just for tonight, according to Kanchan.

Thakurs then leaves. The next day, Preesha informs Kanchan that Prem won’t get employment at his age. She is informed by Kanchan that she is not responsible for Prem. Prem has to go, she says.

She takes note of her plant. Preesha is questioned about how this magic occurred. She is informed by Prem that he saved the plant. He claims to be an expert gardener.

Seeing the plant makes her joyful. If Prem hasn’t already left the home, Armaan queries. He is informed by Preesha that the issue has been resolved. Armaan is shown the plant by Kanchan.

She apologises to Prem for being so harsh with him. She informs him that he must remain there. Prem gives her a nod. Rudraksh remembers how he shared his wish with the youngsters.

He advises them to go back to Khurana House. Children propose talking to a doctor. They must continue, according to Ruhi. Rudraksh gives her a nod.

He has thought to keep his job. He begs Vanshika to purchase a fresh plant over the phone. After some time, Vanshika offers Rudraksh a fresh plant. Vanshika disposes of the dead plant in the trashcan before leaving.

Rudraksh believes he can continue to live with Preesha.