Siddharth Gets Furious with Mithai — 30 Aug

Enjoy the written update for the sweet scene of the dulcet TV serial Mithai telecasted on Tuesday, 30 August 2022 on Zee TV. Siddharth Gets Furious with Mithai is the pseudonym of the freshest episode number E 127.


Siddharth and Mithai had a discussion regarding his choice. Siddharth declares that he would prove Mithai incorrect after becoming enraged. Apeksha believes her ruse is successful. Speaking with Hari Mohan, Mithai expresses her uncertainties.


Mithai asks Sid whether he did this for her at the beginning of the episode. Sid acknowledges that his mother may have picked him for a purpose and claims that Dadu was responsible for making it happen. She, according to Sid, was a big part of his family reunion. Sid now claims that he will begin working for the company tomorrow and that he may not have time to spend in this manner.

Dadu’s remark was recalled by Mithai. She has crucial news to share with him, according to Mithai. Sid forbids her and engages in a duet with her. Sid dances with her, but as she dances, Mithai pauses.

Sid praises her and claims that it was because of her that he realised his obligations. He claims that they will now set a higher standard for Harimohan sweets. She has crucial news to share with him, according to Mithai. Sid enquires about it.

Sid, according to Mithai, should have first asked her what her dream was before making this choice. Sid claims that your ambition is to expand the sweet industry. The opening of her father’s candy store and its international success are Mithai’s stated goals. “You don’t have any experience in this sweet industry, so why are you going into it?

” Mithai asks Sid. You have a good education. In your profession, you can achieve a great deal. Mithai hears Sid accuse her of making fun of him.

According to Mithai, she isn’t saying anything like that. Sid and Mithai dispute what they believe to be true. HM Sweets claims that he would take HM to new heights, allowing HM to pursue her aspirations. There is a split between them as a result of Apeksha’s declaring that her first goal was a success.

Apeksha gives Sid a call and informs him that she will not be travelling to Singapore since he helped her understand that she is capable of a great deal. Apeksha claims she has made the decision to begin this. Sid explains the prospects in this area. Many start-up businesses, according to Apeksha, need internet marketing.

Sid claims that there are well-known brands in addition to start-ups. Sid claims they can collaborate to expand the market for HM candies. Apeksha concurs, and they discuss it. As Apeksha converses with Sid.

When Mithai attempts to speak with him, he tells her he is on an urgent call and won’t talk to her. Sid offered me a nice surprise today, but I upset him, so Mithai believes she has injured him. Mithai believes she can persuade Sid. When Mithai goes to speak to Sid, she notices that he is sleeping and tells him that their names have now become one.

She also promises to see to it that he stays on the correct path. When the Chobe family gets back home, they make fun of Mithai and inquire about what transpired. Mithai is reluctant to discuss it. Harimohan is asked to go to the side by Mithai, who informs him that she needs to speak with him.

Mithai informs him that Harimohan is correct, adding that Sid misinterpreted what she attempted to persuade him of. She claims that Sid is on the phone with a buddy discussing marketing and expanding the reach of HM candies. Harimohan advises Mithai to make sure he doesn’t feel lonely and that it shouldn’t have an impact on their relationship. Since Mithai concurs, there is no conflict.

We shall discuss it tomorrow, “Mithai adds before departing. To Gopal Ji, Harimohan offers a prayer for Sid. Mithai visits her room and passes out. Sid is awakened in the morning by the alarm.

However, Mithai doesn’t get up. When Sid saw the cake and the picture from last night on the table, he was pleased. From his bed, Mithai can see what Sid is doing.