Virat, Sai Recollect Their Past — Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein | 29 Aug

Read the written update for the today’s webisode of the bewitching TV show Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein promulgated on Monday, 29 August 2022 on StarPlus. Virat, Sai Recollect Their Past is the headline of the cool episode number S1 E597.


Virat still loves Sai and feels that he is the reason she abandoned him. A wounded Sai, on the other hand, does not want Saavi to meet Virat.


Ashwini asks Virat what he wants from God. Virat claims he prayed to God for Vinayak’s quick recovery and participation in a running race. Ashwini inquires as to what he has requested for himself. He claims that a child’s happiness is as vital to a parent as his happiness is to her and Ninad. Ashwini claims that his birth fulfilled their hopes and that he is everything to them; therefore, they want him to be happy.

Virat claims he requires nothing for himself. Sai, on the other hand, says the same thing to Usha tai. Usha Tai claims that she, too, requires love in her life. Ashwini sobs and says she begged God for his past to be erased from his life. Virat claims to be running late for life.

Ashwini claims he is forcing himself into a depression since Sai died years ago and he married Pakhi years ago, therefore he should forget about Sai and accept Pakhi. Sai informs Usha that Virat is no longer in her life and that she does not wish to address it. Virat agrees with Ashwini. Ashwini believes Sai has no place in his heart because he stole Vinayak from them; for this, she despises Sai to the core. Virat claims that if he had prevented Sai from leaving, she would not have left them.

Usha requests that Sai open her eyes and gaze at her daughter, who is waiting for her father. According to Sai, Vinayak would still be alive today if Virat had not been so brutal. Ashwini informs Virat that Pakhi is in a lot of agony as a result of his shallow conduct. Virat says he knows, and he thanks Pakhi for taking care of the family despite everything. Sai claims that God gave her Savi and that she has no room in her heart for Virat.

Ashwini says she used to adore Sai and despise Pakhi, but she is now grateful to Pakhhi for giving birth to Vinayak and caring for her husband. Virat claims he was heartbroken after seeing Sai’s name on the list of deceased individuals and blames himself for the disaster because Sai went home that day because of him. Sai claims Virat should have searched her, and she wishes to inform Savi that Virat is to blame for everything. When Savi learns this, he inquires about Virat. According to Ashwini, they lost Vinayak because of Sai.

When Vinayak learns this, he inquires about Sai. Virat holds him up and tells him that they desire happiness in his life. Vinayak claims to be content. Pakhi decides to join them. Ninad takes a photograph of their family.

Savi frequently inquires about Virat. Usha claims they were talking about the meaning of a shloka and the size of Ganpati Bappa. Back in his room, Ninad tells Ashwini that he is relieved to see Virat return to normalcy with his family and that he thinks his childhood has returned after seeing his grandson Vinayak. He claims that God took their Vinayak and replaced him with another Vinayak. Ashwini sobs, saying she thought of Sai as her daughter but had no idea she would take such a significant step and cost them Vinayak.

Ninad tells her to relax now that Sai has left. Ashwini’s animosity towards Sai remains unabated. Vinayak is suffering from severe leg discomfort. Virat and Pakhi use medication to attempt to relieve his suffering. Vinayak declares that he does not require medicine and requests that Virat apply natural paste from his bag.

When Pakhi goes to retrieve his suitcase, he is surprised to discover a photo of Sai and Savi.