Woh To Hai Albelaa (show) | 02 Sep 2022

Check the written update for the current installment of the fascinating show Woh To Hai Albelaa provided on Friday, 02 September 2022 on StarPlus. Saroj Accepts Rashmi is the tag of the newly published episode number S1 E129.


As Saroj offers her best wishes for Rashmi and Nakul’s upcoming wedding, the Sharma family is filled with joy. The business transaction that Dhanraj and Tej had with Mr. Gupta was unsuccessful.


At the beginning of the episode, Kanha welcomes Rashmi’s family inside their home. Saroj stops them from doing an aarti for their daughter-in-law. Rashmi is informed that while things were different up until yesterday, she is now designating Rashmi as the house’s daughter-in-law. While taking aarti, Sayuri thinks back to Saroj’s behaviour when she initially arrived.

When Saroj declares she is pleased with Rashmi’s wire saree, they all enter. She forces her to wear the dupatta and turns on the lamp. Rashmi addresses her as Aunty, but Saroj tells her to address her as Maa. Kanha glances at Sayuri, who responds by expressing her happiness for her sister.

Saroj claims that their relationship hasn’t been easy in recent years and she wants to make it up to everyone. She recommends planning the wedding as quickly as feasible. Rashmi would continue her education after getting married, she claims, adding that she can comprehend her views. She proposes scheduling the wedding for the next weekend.

Indrani is concerned, but Kanha proposes getting her viewpoint as well. She accepts while seeming to inquire about Indrani’s viewpoint. Sayuri senses that Saroj’s tone is off. Indrani confides in Sayuri her concerns as well, but Sayuri persuades her.

She shares the same anxiety. Kusum tells Saroj that she is content with the marriage but challenges her to show Sayuri even a fraction of the same love. Saroj responds that she tolerates Sayuri the most for Kanha. She unintentionally reveals her strategy for pitting her sister against Sayuri.

When Kusum hears that, she is astonished. Saroj receives Janmashtami images from Nakul and is enraged at the image of the sisters. She makes the choice to divide them. Despite internal conflict over whether to tell the other person the truth, Kusum and Sayuri chose to keep it secret for the sake of their relationship.

When Indrani and Dadi calculated their costs, they discovered that they had little money. When Kanha arrives, he gives them the reassurance that Sayuri and he are with them and tells them not to worry. He begs them to keep costs to a minimum so they can pull it off. Sayuri tells Nakul that she is well and glad for them, despite Nakul’s concern for her thoughts over Saroj’s love for Rashmi.

Despite their best efforts, Dhanraj and Dadaji failed to persuade an established customer to stay on board with their venture and left. When Kanha arrives, they start to worry. He blames himself, but Dhanraj tells him that they will figure something out.